New way of download

With the update of the mastercode, to 3.23, came the need to use the new serial-usb download with the controllers. Does anyone know a way to download without having to use the controllers (aka- direct download)?

The Serial-USB is the Direct Way… The old way is using the Orange USB-to-Serial connected to the Orange Dongle connected to the VexNet Joystick, connected to the Cortex with the USB A-A cable…

Which way were you thinking for a Direct Download???

Please explain more, nothing has changed, you can still use either the USB A-A cable directly to the cortex or the new or old USB-serial adapters to the joystick.

When I first tried to download my code it said device not found. I have now tried turning on everything and it works fine. Thanks anyway for the advice.

When I meant direct download I meant usb-usb computer-microcontroller.