New way to program

I came up with a random idea for programming, I was wondering if I could program code for my robot on my phone, I then developed the idea a bit more in my head and came up with and idea for an application that would do this. So imagine an application that would allow you to connect your phone to your robot via WiFi and would allow you to write and compile code to the robot. I you could do this then you could have a debugger windows open on a handy sized screen while the robot is driving around. It seems like a bit of a stupid idea but would be awesome if there was such an app

remote desktop from your ipod to your computer and you can do such things but program from wifi. but you could program and use a teather cable. i guess if your only programmer was sick and at home they would program and people in the class would just need to do the physical stuff like take out the programming cable and place on field.

Our programmer lives in a different state and all we have to do is turn on the robot and change the batteries.

Good idea but, the computer wouldn’t be connected to a network while at competitions

ad hoc and remote desktop but it wouldnt help much unless you want to be about 25ft away

I think I found one that uses bluetooth, so I might give it a go when I get home tonight

to program the robot directly? like with out a programming cable or a blu tooth program to control the computer?

Nah a bluetooth remote desktop app

i was thinking about this, but using my tablet, it is just i have no idea about making apps, i will ask a friend who does, to see how easy it would be to implement …

oh … how do you download a program to your robot while it is in a different state … are you using vexpro … or a normal vex cortex microcontroller … i would like to know how you do this …

i think they just remote desktop since as long as its connected to a internet source then they can program and run the code and what not.

oh kk … wouldn’t work at school because of bloody firewalls, but from my house, it would ! kk thanks