New Way To Score Endgame

Our mentor (7405) as well as some other from New Jersey vex made this app to score the endgame with a projector. This eliminates the need for cups or beanbags to mark down who is on what tiles in endgame. It requires a projector, so obviously it cant be used by everyone, but I think at a sig/worlds level comp it would be pretty cool.


It looks like your mentor already made a topic End-game scoring using a projector

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The collaboration was between 7405 and 4610 in New Jersey. This system was used over the weekend by us and we loved using it. We have submitted the system to RECF to try and be used at worlds with us both helping out debug the system. Unfortunately they do not seem to have the funding to implement it. If you have any questions about it please feel free to ask.

This saved a ton of time scoring the field as well as made the field look cleaner without all the beanbags or cones all over the field.

We are also looking to update one more time to have the count on field in the goal to show as the ref inputs the score.

We will be testing the system again this weekend, once on Friday at VCAT VexU event then on Saturday at Millburn Skirmish if you would like to watch the system live

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