New wheel to use in 6 wheels drive train

Hi, my team and I have been searching about which base was the best, and we found this document that explains everything in detail. We decided going for a 6 wheel (outer omnis, center friction) with all powered and found out that instead of locking omnis or using the green opaque friction tire with a 30-tooth sprocket ([original idea])(7700R Tower Takeover explanation and good luck in Vex Robotics competition Change Up! - YouTube) , we used 30-tooth sprocket with the semi-transparent green tire, that is closer to the diameter of the omnis than the other solution.

EDIT: sorry, the new solution we came up with was with 84t gears, not 30-tooth sprocket


What’s wrong with the normal omni wheels. Turning with these will cause a lot of friction and take a lot of time.

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I assume it’s some combination of attempting to centralize the center of turning or to add traction wheels to prevent turning. Quite popular to do actually.


Really good concept, but you are so close to the correct way.
Those rubber treads have terrible traction. I would advise using the traction tires sold on the VEX Robotics website :wink:


I think they already know the “correct” way:

I have found that the rubber tread traction tires have decent traction going forward with a very heavy robot, but not as much with a lighter one. Also, traction isn’t really a huge issue when this is used as a middile wheel, as the forward and backward ones should make up for that.


There’s nothing wrong with the omniwheels, but the point of this 6wheel is to not drift away when pushed

So when you say “ruber tread traction tires” you refer to the ones we used?

If that’s the case, do you think that using this ones will be better or worse than using the other tires? having in mind that this year the robot will be light, but when grabbing multiple mobos will be heavier

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