New wheels in V5 version

I’ve seen some Vex robots with omni-directional wheels 3.25" and 2,75" with gray and black like the ones that come with the V5 kits. Now the ones that you sell from the Vex store come with those colors?
Can you send photos please?

From the CAD files


Hi … I mean real tires

The wheels and gears are being replaced with their new colors as they are being produced. If they still have old stock you will get the old colors. If they don’t have old stock you will get the new colors.


That is why now I see robots with those colors on the wheels.



How long ago did you buy them?

Early 2020 I believe


as far as I know, if you buy wheels now you will get them in the new colors. I’m not sure about gears though.

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All my wheels ordered this year have been Grey and Black and I was 50/50 on gears

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What wheels did you buy?

The older spec for omni wheels are green and grey, and the new spec grey and black, we have 6 of the old ones and I am more than happy to take a picture of them for you tomorrow when I get back to school!

We just bought some HS gears and the 84T ones were red but the other ones were the old green.

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