New Wheels

Seeing wheels with a high friction tread on them, similar to the wheels in FRC , would make the robots movement better I think. Just another idea.

The little wheels in the VEX kit could possibly get a higher coefficient of friction then the wedgetop/roughtop type of tread. The treads also tend to fly off or wear extremely quick.

The tank tread can be made to have an extremely high amount of traction if it is needed. I think the stock tread should definitely be rubberized or something but there is a way to increase traction. A simple rubber placement/non-slip mat can be cut into pieces the same size as the tread pieces and then simply glued on. It works wonders! Non-slip mat can be found here. I will warn that the same thing as the thick mat can be found at a kitchen store in the same size, shape, and color for less money and without shipping costs. Also some pneumatic wheels might be good or the wheels similar to those on large R/C cars thatactually have a grippy tire.

I was going to use the non-slip mat, but glueing is not FVC legal unfortinately

I have something to say about the IFI treads. Although the aluminum wheels are great, our team found that they had too much traction. This was partly due to our design, but nevertheless, it took us almost every available minute to try different tread ideas.

In regard to VEX, i think the already supplied wheels work great and dont need any improvements.

yeah. They need to make a new set of tank treads with rubber
(or something) on the treads. That way my robot won’t slip and slide around on the tile.

Zip ties anyone? :stuck_out_tongue:

Another possible option if people want more traction, but don’t want to glue things to their tank tread, is to drill small holes every sixth or so tread, and then bolt on a strip or wedgetop/roughtop traction material using the Vex screws. That way, you can always remove only the links with the traction material on them if you want regular or FVC-Legal treads.

Cool idea m8. Might have to try that when I get borred one day.

An FVC legal approach would be to use the stock zip-ties (cable ties) to attach the non-slip mat material to the tracks. Last year, our team placed zip ties around every 8th track cleat on our ball conveyors to aid in ball collection and scoring. It worked very well with no binding as the tracks operated.

just put rubber bans on the treads, its that simple:D :smiley:

i think vex needs bigger size omini wheels

we should create some new wheel that is electronically powered to increase gravity on the wheels so there would be more friction.

What do you mean?

i mean create some device that could increase gravity on just the wheels increasing friction

Yeah… one problem, we can’t manipulate gravity. At all…

good point!! but if we could that is how we could do it

Or you can just place weights on your robot

Weights only help to a certain point. My team found that the matting used in the FVC is great for tank tread since the tread has such a large surface area more grip on the matting we were able to easily push other robots.

Which matting did you use the fine or the thick? I got the fine stuff and i havent found many applications and i dont think it was really worth the price. You can also get matts very similar from carpet stores because its used to put underneath the carpet so it doesnt move across the floor.

zip ties are the way to go

it’d be awesome tho

and i think he means increase weight