New wip bot

Progress - YouTube progress!

Nice robot!

How many motors are on your lift and drive base?
Also whats your lift gear ratio?

Drive base: 2m
Lift: 4m
Idk what the ratio is

Hey nice robot guys, we’re building a similar robot, so if you would like any tips and tricks we’ve learned when it comes to side rollers, feel free to ask!

You should link them your reveal video.

Just link it yourself, makes everyone’s life easier.

You just did it for me lol, Thanks!

Good job! Are you in size though?

Cool design guys,

I would recommend that you try to make that polycarbonate mounted at a flatter angle so it is easier for you to intake stars. Also if you have more motors I would definitely try to have 4 motors on your base as that will allow you to go up in wheel size and be faster as a whole.