New Wireless Cam

So today i got a new Wireless Camera to atach to my VEX Robot, but I have no idea on quality and stuff like that…

That is the Cam that i got…
Can someone please tell me if it is any good/bad:confused:


i would just hook it up, and see for your self, looks cool

Yea, but the one thing i am afraid of it what if is sucks, i would have opened it, and then it would be no returnable. Does anyone have this cam? And how Good Is it?

if it sucks, just put everythin back exactly as you got it, noone will know, and besides, you didn’t break it, so your in the clear

That is another problem, it is in one of those sealed plastic stand up boxie thingys that in order to get the item out you have to cut open and almost destroy the box.:slight_smile: :D:mad:

that sucks, i would use it, it looks like it should be pretty good, i wouldnt worry, go ahead and rip it open, and use it, let me know if it is worth $74.00, i might get one too

The specs look pretty good on it if i were you i would give it a try you can still probablally return it is out of its packageing. On my robot i had my digital camera on it. I ran the video out into the tv tuner in my pc and drove it all over my house. Goodluck with your camera!

When i took it out i realized something, it was the same camera that the mythbusters used on their robot so it must be good. I haven’t tryed it out yet but i am about to. ill tell you how it works.

It Works Great
So Worth The $80

good to hear, i might get one too!

Looks like that may be my next project… nice find.

BTW… you can always return something that has been taken out of the packaging, so long as you don’t destroy the UPS (barcode) and the label. If you ever need to return something that you didn’t like, just tell them it didn’t fit or it was the wrong one and that they don’t have the correct one. Badda bing. Oh yeah, don’t forget your reciept.