New worlds rules

There’s a new rule released for worlds that says that you can touch opposite alliance platform, center park, and cross the auton line, is that for programming skills, because the rules says it’s new, or is it for matches, can someone explain this

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It’s only for Programming Skills, not matches.

I don’t think it actually changes anything, it just makes it clear that you’re allowed do it in Programming Skill, unlike in autonomous during a match, where you can’t. (I’m guessing it was answered in the Q&A earlier this year and they just weren’t able to put it in the game manual until now.)

Edit: Here is the rule:

[Appendix B – Robot Skills Challenge]
(new) RSC4: Rule SG3 does not apply in Programming Skills Matches. Robots are permitted to contact the foam tiles on the opposing Alliance’s side of the Autonomous Line, contact the opposing Alliance Platform, and become Center Parked.