New YAW gyro

My team just purchased a new gyroscope after our old one started to break down, as a programmer I am concerned that my old code for the old gyro will have issues with the new gyro. I have looked at the details and as far as I can tell it should work the same just with some improvements. So I am asking the Vex community for more details on the new gyro and what it could mean for my code.

Are you talking about the new V5 inertial sensor? Iā€™m not aware that any new gyro came out for VEX IQ.

I am talking about the Vex EDR gyro

wait a minute, you are right. I am talking about the internal Gyro.

do you know about any changes from a programming standpoint?

It measures rotation in more than one axis, so you just have to specify yaw or heading to get what you would get from the old gyro. Also, you have this in the IQ category.

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Thanks! this will help my team considerably.

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