New year resolutions

Hey guys, what is 1 thing that you are going to change from 2020 to 2021? Im goin to try not shooting rubber bands at teammates during practices while we should be working.
(Oops, how did that happen? I would never do that)


Next season, I am going to try to actually try to really design and plan out the whole robot on paper before building.
Although, that’s what I said I would do this season, and look how well that went…


my new years resolution is to actually get to compete sometime in 2021.

its completely out of my control, but maybe if I will the universe hard enough with my mind it can be done.


For 2021 I have one goal. Winning Worlds. Also try to get a good score in state tests or else.


I am the driver for FRC team 973, and now that I haven’t able to for 10 months, I know how much it actually meant to me. So I am going to use every minute of it to its fullest extent when we get back into it. I’ll help with the battery change each match, assist in fixing the robot when it breaks, and anything else I can do to make our driver practice time as productive as possible. Usually I am in charge of resetting the field and the driver station, but I’m going to do more than that.


What does driving on Einstein feel like @FRC973


My goal is just being able to qual for worlds. Of course this with be hard with my first year being in highschool but I should be able to do it. Did it twice in ms why not highschool


My resolution is to never ever do a Mecanum drive ever again. I am just gonna stick to an H-drive.

With V5, mecanums are always a viable option. Some years much less than others. H-drives, however, are never viable and never will be. (unless, of course, it’s a slow-paced strategy game with no defense where 2-3 motor drives are meta).

My new year’s resolution is to win every award ever at worlds for the next 3 years.:yawning_face:


I can’t really describe it, but if you’ve ever been driving in Freedom Hall, the feeling is similar. It’s absolutely crazy. It is so nerve-racking and the adrenaline is so high. I was the co-driver in 2019, the only year I’ve done it, as 2020 worlds was canceled. There was a good chance that we’d have made it in 2020, but I can’t say for sure as there are so many factors that go into it. In 2019 Einstein finals match three, the stakes were so high, and we’d already lost to this alliance twice before (once in finals match one and once in round robin), so it was incredible that we won. We are the blue alliance in the video, and at the end you can see our 3rd pick, 5026, celebrating like crazy. I just love driving robots, so although I had thousands of people watching, it was one of the best experiences I’d ever had.


I’m sorry to say this but I’ve been trying for years and I don’t think its possible.


Same. just thought that I would try again

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h drive big no no please don’t