[New Years Gift!]Reveal/Teaser Playlist Vol.1 Out Now!

To wrap up 2017, I’d like to give the entire VEX community a free gift to all! For anyone who has been wanting to find good music for their reveals and teasers, I’ve built an entire playlist of 100 songs that you could use for anything you please! This playlist contains music with genres that range from dramatic, trap, rock, electronic, etc that can seriously spark up the watcher. I spent a total of 7000+ hours building this playlist, and I hope you all enjoy!
Playlist link(Also make sure to subscribe to the TVA Channel, since we may be streaming some time next year): https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLTAs_f6PH4-udTta9K3h7Lkw8xsaHQXCs
Happy new year to all! :slight_smile:

  • [TVA] Connor
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Thank you. I just subscribed.

Thank you so much! Had a few I really enjoyed, but an entire list is great! Happy New Year!!!

This list is great! I will prob end up grabbing a song from it for my reveal! THANKS!!!

Thanks so much! We are making a reveal soon but I didn’t know what song to use… this helps!

I approve of this list. I will be using some of these songs in the reveal for Beijing 6969.

its a new genre, vex reveal music. Electronic music with vocals that sound kinda like imagine dragons.

(anything that sounds remotely “l’m so sorry” or “believer”)

Or if you’re team 9065C, it’s just rap music all the time. I really like the phantom robotics vids though.

are they the ones who dab in the background of all their videos

oh wait that must have been a different team that also uses rap music in their videos.

Sometimes, but they mostly do the finger guns pointed at the camera. That’s their signature move.

Thank you all so much for the support! I’m glad you all liked it :smiley:
Also, if I see one of you guys use one of the songs from this playlist, I will delete the music video in that playlist and replace it with a new song, so that way the music you use for your reveals will almost always be unique :wink:
EDIT: Also, just a disclaimer warning; Some of these songs are copyrighted, so on your YouTube Channel, turn monetization off before you post your reveal so your videos don’t get removed(This will show that you aren’t using anything for profit). I also highly recommend that you do contact the author of that song for permission to use as well, just for moral standards :slight_smile:

Would they actually respond? That would surprise me.

Either is a reveal with rap music or its not a reveal at all.

We retired the dab. Finger guns are the new wave.

The finger guns are really cringy tho. Plus you do them like 3 times a video.

not to hate, but you’re saying you spent a total of 7000 hours, or 291.6 days straight making this playlist? Of 100 songs? Its a good playlist ngl but I think you might’ve added an extra couple zeros there.

Oops… Yeah you’re right xD
My apologies on the poor estimation, it’s more like 500-600 hours starting about the beginning of last years’ season. Thank you, but apparently I can’t edit a post that was more than about a week old.

Based on the times I have tried it, the time limit for editing a post seems to be 24 hours.

The more you know! I haven’t known the actual time that you may edit a post, thanks :smiley:

Thanks! We will make sure to check it out.