New Zealand find the robot that will win the worlds in 2011!

Last weekend the first ‘Round Up’ game of the New Zealand sesaon was played and Lynfield College showed us all how to play the game. We are certain that their robot or one of its (copied) descendants will be in the winning alliance in 2011! What can it do? Well lets just say a whole lot, and more… Scoring multiple tubes (tick), descoring (tick), autonomous scoring (tick) and that is just the beginning.

Sorry but we seem to be suffering a camera gremlin in New Zealand so you will have to wait until the worlds to see it.

Oh yes, one more thing high hanging (in autonomous) yes it can be done. We just wish we had video of it.

Game on!

Are you sure that this one team isn’t a copy of another robot from the past. :stuck_out_tongue:

high hanging!
didnt expect that on the list…
can wait to see it
(are u sure there isnt a pic?)

I would love to see a picture of it high hanging.
I’m astounded there’s a robot that high hangs this early in the season. Personally, I didn’t expect to see anything high hanging until January.

Yep sure!

Hey it is cold enough in New Zealand to be a Northern January so I guess the team must have got confused, we should have told the team to slow down. Then again the Chinese robot that was in the aliance that won the Worlds was a descendant of the robot that won the first game of ‘Clean Sweep’ in NZ.

Is history repeating itself? :slight_smile:

After personally meeting with several New Zealand teams, I have no doubt that they will do well in 2011.

Am I surprised that someone high-hung in these matches? Absolutely not.

Round Up has a maximum number of points that can be scored per alliance, letting forty of those slip is… a huge disadvantage.

Give us da pix man! Or better yet, a YouTube vid and super high resolution pix! We want to copy every nut and bolt chinese style! (yes thats political slander, no I don’t really care)


Sorry, Mate… I’m the one who usually films things, but my camera has broken down recently. Mah bad. Maybe next year. :stuck_out_tongue:


so NOBODY in the crowd (parents, friends) had a camera??
or even people in the team!!
sheesh guys how hard it is to DOCUMENT things??
lol jk :stuck_out_tongue:
i really hope a pic comes up though
doesnt have to be a clear pic
just a general concept of high hanging

After meeting you guys at worlds, I’d be more surprised if you couldn’t do all of that by now! That being said, it’s very cruel to tease us like this. KTOR and the rest of the Philadelphia area teams at least want to know who we’ll be playing in the finals this year.:stuck_out_tongue: Good luck to all of you this year, and we’ll see you in Dallas!

P.s. I think we beat you to the first event of the season by a few weeks, AND we posted pictures!

He meant first NZ event, we do a LOT of them :stuck_out_tongue:
as for the cameras, a few people had them lying around but we generally end up using them for people-pictures - it was a VERY social scrimmage with only 12 robots in attendance anyway.
Might be photos in july sometime

Not the same robot right? :slight_smile:

Mind sharing the non-existent photos with other NZ teams?

says who? =P

How can we if they dont exist? =P

With some good ol Kiwi magic? :stuck_out_tongue:

ah yes, the magic.
i only know of one person with that magic, but he isnt talking to me atm =\ i’ll try my best

wow, so many people seem to be interested in our robot. And yes, the gremlins are in our camera’s too :slight_smile:

Thanx for your support fellow kiwi teams :slight_smile:

It sounds like the Kiwi contingent is off to their usual good start.

Before you post any pictures please think about how many 254 rip offs there were this year and how lame that was. Let teams design for themselves, it makes things more fun. Plus you can have a bit more fun just teasing everybody by telling its capabilities but no pictures.


Gremlins ;] 'nuff said