New Zealand goes live this Friday and Saturday (USA days)

Yes it is true! New Zealand is holding their National VEX Robotics Competition this weekend and we will be streaming it live on the internet. For those in the USA it will be this Friday and Saturday!

The Kiwibots have set up a great show for everyone! Come online to see just what we have created for our opening ceremony alone! Many surprises on stage just to set the standard for the Worlds in Dallas.

9 teams from New Zealand have already qualified to see you all in Dallas so come on over and see teams from all over New Zealand compete for the title of best in New Zealand.

The Kiwibot video stream can be found at and we will be doing test broadcasting while we set up the arena. Rankings will also be on the page.

When you look at the Kiwibots website ( and the event schedule page ([ remember New Zealand is four hours behind Los Angeles BUT one full day ahead. So Saturday 10:30 in New Zealand is Friday 14:30 in Los Angeles.

Hope to see you all on line. We will see you all in Dallas.

Chris Hamling
National Manger - Kiwibots]( remember New Zealand is four hours behind Los Angeles BUT one full day ahead. So Saturday 10:30 in New Zealand is Friday 14:30 in Los Angeles.)

This is a great page. How are you broadcasting rankings ? Is this a website that manually pulls information from the Tournament Manager ? Many other tournaments would love to have live rankings broadcast if you can teach us.

I’m excited to see New Zealand Championships. Rangitoto 2901 and Free Range 2921 were fantastic last year at Worlds.

The Tournament Manager has built-in support for pushing the team list, match results, and rankings to an external website. That feature can be used to either build your own custom website (as the NZ folks and some other events have done) or otherwise if you don’t have time or the resources to implement a custom website to accept the data I have set up a generic website at that can be used. If you wish to use for publishing your results during your event, send an email to register @ with your event name, location, and dates and we’ll send you a URL that you can plug into the TM.

Are you going to post he match schedule online. This would make it easy to watch specific matches.
thanks :slight_smile:

i doubt ANY tournament with a schedule is ON schedule… :wink:
give or take 15 mins
im pretty hyped up about this
hope ill see some epic bots out there

I will try to post schedule tomorrow. We have been practising this season in keeping to schedule so we hope we will be able to do so tomorrow.

We have a .php script on the sever that is called by the TM. A working (skeleton) script appears below. Have a look in your TM folder the instructions on setting up a server to accept data from the TM is all there.

<html><body><?php   $uploads_dir = "TMUpload";  if ($_GET'type'] == "all"){     echo "Received Match Data</br>";      if (move_uploaded_file($_FILES'teamdata']'tmp_name'], "$uploads_dir/teamdata.csv")) {         echo "Received {$_FILES'teamdata']'name']} - its size is {$_FILES'teamdata']'size']}</br>";     }     if (move_uploaded_file($_FILES'matchdata']'tmp_name'], "$uploads_dir/matchdata.csv")) {        echo "Received {$_FILES'matchdata']'name']} - its size is {$_FILES'matchdata']'size']}</br>";     }     if (move_uploaded_file($_FILES'rankdata']'tmp_name'], "$uploads_dir/rankdata.csv")) {        echo "Received {$_FILES'rankdata']'name']} - its size is {$_FILES'rankdata']'size']}</br>";     }     $stxtfile = "";     $stxtfile .= "Match, ";     $stxtfile .= "Red Score, ";     $stxtfile .= "Blue Score\n";     $FileName = "$uploads_dir/Latest_Scores.csv";     $FileHandle = fopen($FileName, 'w');     fwrite($FileHandle, $stxtfile);     fclose($FileHandle);   }   if ($_GET'type'] == "matchupdate"){     echo "Received Match Update";     $matchcode = $_POST'matchcode'];     $redscore = $_POST'redscore'];     $bluescore = $_POST'bluescore'];     $stxtfile = "";     $stxtfile .= "$matchcode, ";     $stxtfile .= "$redscore, ";     $stxtfile .= "$bluescore\n";     $FileName = "$uploads_dir/Latest_Scores.csv";     $FileHandle = fopen($FileName, 'a+');     fwrite($FileHandle, $stxtfile);     fclose($FileHandle);   }?> </body></html>

Sorry about the really bad formatting but it is 2am and I am just finishing off stuff before tomorrow’s event.

We use Joomal and display the CSV results with ARI Smart Content.

The results need tidying up but at least let people follow a bit better.

Webcasting just started! :slight_smile: When will video start? In 2 hours 10 minutes for opening ceremonies? Or in 2 hours 40 minutes for the actual QF matches?

Many very lopsided scores. So much for being concerned about SPs… Some good robots there!

Yeah… I guess some teams’ strategy is cream the other teams, and if your not in the top 8 after that, you hope that someone in the top 8 has done some scouting.

Seems to work for the Poofs…

Yeah, except the problem is, if your robot malfunctions in a match, and you lose, your very low in the rankings for teams with 1 loss, and then you purely rely on other teams to pick you in the finals…

Like 2921 (probably one of the top teams at the tournament who uses this strategy of creaming the opponents) was just paired up with a robot who couldn’t do much, and was against 2 dumper robots, and ended up loosing. They were in around 9th, but now they are 14th and some robots haven’t even played their 4th match yet.

We used the same strategy at the Worlds last year… Competition has been going very well! any feedback on the streaming? is it clear? can we do anything better?

It looks great! The only thing I would consider is turning down the music, sometimes it got so loud I couldn’t hear the commentators. Other than that everything is fine! Great job you guys. :slight_smile:

ITTTTSTSTSTTSTSTSSSS not working what should i do

It’s about 7:30am local time in New Zealand right now. I wouldn’t worry for a couple of hours.

o :stuck_out_tongue: shouldhave known that

Yeah video should start in about an hour.

i cant see how the robots work at all

the quality is to fuzzy i cant see anything or its the computer im watching it on