New Zealand Nationals 2017

It’s coming up to championship season and that means it’s time for me to plug NZ Nationals. The event will be held on February 24th – 26th at the Massey University Albany Recreation Centre. With two weeks to go, we have 65 teams registered to contest the title of NZ VEX National Champions.

The entirety of the event will be live streamed, for your viewing pleasure and, of course, we will be using our version of live scoring (FOCS). This includes an updated version of the worm which should better represent scores in Starstruck. During matches referees are just refereeing, not live scoring, which means both refereeing and live scoring are at a consistently high level.

Friday will not be live streamed because it is just check in and skills.

Saturday qualification matches are scheduled to start at 10:00 AM. The stream will be live from 9:00 AM with the drivers meeting followed by the opening ceremony. Lunch will be an hour break between 1:20 PM and 2:20 PM. Matches will end at 5:00PM

Sunday qualification matches will begin at 9:00 AM and will concluded at 11:30 AM. Alliance selection will begin at 12:00 PM and elimination matches are due to start at 1:00PM. Everything should be complete by 5:15 PM.

(All times in NZDT)

For more information see the Kiwibots website.

For the stream see

For event data see VexDB, RobotEvents or VEX Via.

This thread will be updated throughout the event with any extra information.

Time conversions:

Just thought I’d provide a quick update.

We started set up this afternoon at 7pm, even though we couldn’t actually get things into our venue until 9pm. Since then a team of volunteers has been working hard laying carpet. This may not sound like much, but don’t knock it until you try it. We finished the carpet with 13 people at about 10:45. It is now 11:40pm and they are still working. The plan is to go until midnight. They will be back in tomorrow at 7am to continue set up and hopefully be finished by the time teams start arriving about 1:30pm tomorrow.

I think all our volunteers tonight deserve to be recognised for their dedication. Thank you to Hayden, George, Nathan, Jess C, Matt, John, Mark, Stedtson, Jason, Kate, Jess M, Roman, Max, Daniel and of course Chris Hamling (National Manager) for the work tonight.

If you’re wondering where the extra names came from, some people were working on tech simultaneously to the carpet being laid.

Hopefully pictures to come in the morning. I had to leave early (after carpet laying) so won’t be able to post until I get sent them.

Additionally, some scheduled times have changed, if you’re interested in timings see: When the match schedule is generated tomorrow evening after check in, it will be available on VexDB, RobotEvents and VEX Via

All times are in NZ local time (NZDT).

Good luck! Sounds like you have an awesome group running the event!

Thanks, we’re lucky to have so many people dedicated to making it work.

Some photos from set up:

From last night before they went home:

This morning:

Good Morning all,

Stream is now up at Opening Ceremony is just beginning.

The audio is very low for me and others viewing the stream. We could hear the music it is just whoever speaking isn’t coming through clear or loud at all.

+1 to the above. The music is loud but the speakers (Chris etc) can barely be heard in the opening ceremony.

Morning all,

Matches are just starting this morning, tune in now live at