New Zealand Nationals 2018

Hello Community,

As I am no doubt you are all aware, it’s championship season. That, of course, means it’s time for my annual NZ Nationals thread to share what new things we’re trying this year and give you some information on how to watch.

First things first, the stream will be live tomorrow morning around 9:00AM (NZDT) for the drivers meeting. That’s 12pm PST and 3pm EST. Matches will start about an hour and half later. It will resume the following day at the same time. The stream will be hosted on the Kiwibots Channel.

You can follow how the event by going on VexDB, VEXvia, and, of course, RobotEvents.

One of the new things we’re introducing this year is a large update to FOCS, our live scoring system. As well as the worm displaying on screen, we also have a live update service hosted by VexDB. This website will automatically calculate match stats, which should prove an interesting way to monitor game progress. Please remember FOCS data is non-official, after a match has been scored both the official score and FOCs score will display. We’re excited to release this update and hope that it adds to your viewing pleasure.

This years Nationals is kindly hosted at Pinehurst School and, as always, organized and run by Kiwibots. In thanks to the many volunteer hours AURA put in every year, this year’s single division is named after them.

We look forward to seeing you tomorrow.

Probably the best live stream every year. I’m excited so see what’s been happening in New Zealand.

The Live Stream is now up!

(Sorry, I pressed the button to start it a tiny bit late)

Audio feed off?

Will be fixed!

Looks great! thanks!

Day 2 is up and going and the live stream is up! Enjoy!

Eliminations will begin in 10 minutes!