New zealand teams

Hi, were thinking of taking a couple of teams down to a scrimmage in wellington (not regionals). Would any other teams be interested?

And are the fields going to be open before the next Auckland scrimmage?

Wellington/Palmerston North haven’t really got started yet AFAIK - what dates are you looking at?

Later in the year, but we would want to organize it sooner rather than later

From what I know, there have now been boot camp competitions at Palmy, Wellington and now (this last weekend) Christchurch.

We have been talking about going down at least maybe for a regional but would be interested in talking with anybody that might be taking a group down for a scrimmage as well.
It is probably best to also include the Massey guys in this discussion so it would make sense for us all to talk on Saturday at the scrimmage…

i believe the idea was to avoid gatecrashing the regionals… :wink:

Ok, we can talk to Massey on Saturday