**New Zealand Teams**

Does any New Zealand team have photos of the Lynfield 2915A robot? we plan to post a detailed description, with pictures of the transformation from the first scrimmage, to our world championship robot on week before worlds. If anyone has pictures, could they please email them to me? it will help our reveal :stuck_out_tongue:

p.s jack.barker@hotmail.com

Depends on what you want. I’m pretty sure we have some from last year (from when you came to Chch), some from Chch regionals (from when you came to Chch -and gave us a dud battery-) and some from this year’s Nationals (from when we came from Chch to Auc- I think).

Get my drift?

I have some HD video from scrimmages throughout the season, as well as regionals and nationals.

Are you coming to the world dominance boot-camp in a couple of weeks? I can burn the footage to a DVD if you like.


Any material would be great, from times in chc to scrimmages and regionals - i will be at the boot camp so if i could get it then it would be great

we have some too… will be at the dominance camp at Massey