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I was wondering why most New Zealand teams start with 29… e.g. 2915,2918,2941 etc. Is it something special?

It is most likely a form of area code. For example, every body in China may start with 24. Also they all received their numbers during the same time. So the numbers may just have occurred by chance.

I think its because they all started around the same time

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In PR, almost all of the teams have numbers starting with 22 and 23 link text
It can be used to identify a region and also at worlds, the teams will get the pits next to each other if their numbers are close .

@2382 That’s a very smart strategy, especially for countries that may not be fluent in english. Thanks for the response.

A block of numbers was allocated to NZ back when VRC was kicked off late 2008 early 2009. Pretty sure that was mostly used up since many NZ teams 2013 onwards aren’t 29xx numbers. Also it can depend on if you register via some kind of national organizing body or directly with

There was an initial numbering strategy but it seems to have gone out the window due to demand. Too many teams now to keep the regional designations. We’re in the five digits now! Go Vex!

Our group used to have just a number per robot back in the day but gave some numbers back to the pool and kept just a few. Now teh Vexmen are 80[A-Z] & 90[A-Z] for middle school VRC, 81[A-Z] and 91[A-Z] for high school VRC, and currently using 92[A-Z] for all of IQ.

Back in the day, we were 536, 537, 538. As the number of teams grew, they added the XXXA, XXXB. system. We became 536A, 536B, 536C, 536D, 536E and when we added a 6th robot for the Skyrise season 536F. Our Middle School was assigned 2626 and uses that number for both VRC (5) and IQ teams (9). 2626A-E are VRC and 2626P-Z (no Q) are IQ teams. I had thought the numbers were always randomly assigned by when you entered the progam, although you can request any number if available.

Most teams registered at around the same time and that seems to be the numbers they got. In the past few years the newer teams haven’t really followed this pattern (e.g 7682, 8757). It is also handy at worlds because most of our pits are next to each other :smiley:

Yeah our number (7479) doesn’t fit with any sort of pattern. We can request to change it though

This was the original idea but when other countries started to use it because we were the idea stopped.
New Teams if possible get a 29 but if not its up to them.