Hello everyone very excited about our squarebot. My daughter and I are working on learning programing. Well to start off with the programing kit had all the software and hard ware we needed. but after going through and learning what the book had we are at a loss. Where do we go from here to learn all the terms and how to’s like Programing flow and how all that works with everything else. I would like to know how to change the settings on motor speed. It tell us that we can change the speed from 0-255. But when I want to go cw it only allows us to use 255 (full speed) I want to be able to change the speed. Any help would be great thanks Dave and Dominique

To answer this first specific question, the bottom option (not CW, not CCW, but the other one) let’s you enter the name of a variable or any single (0-255) number you want. If you want to use a single speed other than 0 or 255, you can just type it into that space and then compile/download the resulting instructions.

If you want to vary the speed as the robot is operating, that isn’t hard; but there are more steps involved. To learn about doing that, search through the threads in this forum site to find examples of simple programs other folks have written. Figure out one or two of them (and study the help files that come with EasyC). What you usually won’t see in the examples in the forum threads is the information that “Declares” the variables. If you need help with that; post some more questions.


I tried to input a user value and that seemed to do the trick but… now I cant change cw or ccw I only get cw.

You probably need to spend a bit more time studying the Inventor’s guide material. It is full of good info about this subject.

In it, I’m pretty sure that you will discover that 0 is full speed in one direction, 127 is neutral, and 255 is full speed in the other direction. So… when you enter a number, you are choosing BOTH speed and direction, not just speed.

This is why you don’t need to specify CW or CCW when you enter a number. By choosing a number above or below 127 (127 = neutral) you are choosing between CW and CCW (and you are choosing a speed).

PS: You have to get fairly far above or below 127 before the motor starts turning. Using 125 or 130 won’t make the motor rotate slowly… You have to enter numbers around 100 or 155 to get the motor moving. I forget what the typical values are; but 100 and 155 get you in the right ball park. Experiment to find values you like for slow speeds.

OHHHHH thats good, I just did not see that! Thank you so much, now I see. very big help thank you.

Like 1885.blake stated before, the Easy C help manual that comes with the software is a great place to start of you want a question answered. If you cant find it there, check the forum or start a new thread.