Newbie here with questions about using old hardware with V5

Specifically, I’m trying to figure out if I can get away with using the standard green gears (not high strength) and other plastic parts with V5 motors. I’ve just taken over this program at my school, and we have a very good supply of the Cortex-based systems - parts, motors, batteries, brains, etc - a LOT of this stuff - which, it appears to me, is rapidly becoming obsolete, in favor of the V5 system.

I do have a few V5 clawbot kits in house, so I’m getting familiar with it as I’m also learning the legacy systems, and it seems that the metal parts are pretty much the same, so no worries there, it seems to be no problem there.

Bottom line - am I going to need to stock up on new, high strength gears, sprockets, etc. in all of the various sizes, or can I get away with running with what I’ve got on hand?

Also - is there any way to run a legacy clawbot claw with a V5 motor? I’ve got about 20 of those claws floating around here - it would be nice to be able to keep using them after we fully switch over to V5.


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all vex edr parts can be used with v5. the v5 brain also has some backwards compatability. so you can use all the parts you have on hand and all you would have to do for the clawbot is to swap the v5 motors and brain in. on the v5 brain there are slots for the wires you would use with the cortex


As long as you don’t have any high-load applications, you should be fine with the low strength gears. Regarding the clawbot, there is a new version that ships with v5, which you can use the manual for. You can still use the claws with the new motors.

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All sensors still work and all the metal and gears you have will still be fine though the gears not being high strength might be a problem in some apalctions of gears like four bars however what you have at the moment should suffice save the budget where possible