Newbie to game design needed!


I am the instructor for team 4149G and 4149C. We have yet to tackle any of the online challenges put forth each year and I would like to learn a bit more to see if it is something we can handle. (such as the game animation challenge)

Basically, I’m hoping for a “primer” from someone…how do I get started? I am very computer literate, can fumble my way around Autodesk Inventor for CAD drawings. But I literally have no clue where to start in terms of making animations/videos. What program do people use…are their good tutorials somewhere to get started? I’m pretty good at figuring things out once I have a start…but I don’t know where to start in this case.


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Source: The first person to ever win the online animation challenge and the creator of this, this and this.

But Cody, we enjoy your ramblings, sarcastic or otherwise :slight_smile:

To the OP, Cody’s tutorials are definitely worth watching.

Hey James!

Calculus 2 and Discrete Mathematics are killing me at the moment, that and I’m sick. I’d be more active but this semester is legitimately taking up like most of my free time.

I’m not used to actually having to work to pass classes… I mean honestly real CS classes are ridiculously easy for me but these math courses the CS department has padded their program with are not easy at all.

So yeah, 4149G feel free to ask questions in that tutorial thread. I’ll respond as quick as I can.


Thank you Cody! I have seen many of your posts but never came across that particular one. It looks to be just what I need! Thanks again.

It’s an older one, from a year ago ish. No worry, ask any questions in this thread or that one. I’m happy to do more videos on other specific topics.

heheh, you used hoverballs and the gravity gun from gmod
when in doubt: take insparation from games