Newbie trying to identify parts

I’m a new VRC coach and inherited a ton of equipment and parts, mixed together with non-VEX parts, switches, capacitors, etc… . It’s not always obvious what is VEX, and what isn’t, what’s from the old game kits (not robot parts) etc. Also, it appears some of the parts (like the old motors?) aren’t legal anymore. Is there a place where I can post pictures of mystery parts and find out what they are? I tried searching on the site, but often I don’t even know what to search, and then weeks later I stumble upon the part later while looking for something else…

If you post some of the ones you can’t identify here, people may be able to help identify them. Also, the old motor 362 and other cortex parts are now illegal.

You can look at this page to view all v5 products. If you have any that you’re not sure about, feel free to post them here and people can help you out.
If you’re not sure if they are legal parts or not, check this out:

It should tell you what is and isn’t legal.
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This is a metal part that I can’t find.

Hi Dawn,

This is part of the original Claw Kit. You can see it shown here.


Thank you! Mystery Solved. I also notice a few other oddities in that pack that I was wondering about.