Hello I am new to this forum but for those of you that also like the NXT I am well known on NXT forums such as and . I have gotten really far with the NXT and I would reccomend it to even the experts of the best robots becasue you really can do a lot and even though it isnt the strongest (motors and things) it can really do a lot. I have 2 and so far spent nearly 1000$ on it. I was also looking at this vex stuff. It looks nice and metal and not too pricy though still expensive compared to the NXT im guessing that is becasue it is metal and stronger and better in its own ways. Well I am wondering what is a good set to start with. I have seen the sets like the protobot set but what are the extra parts needed for the actual protobot and tumbler becasue it doesnt seem to come with a microcomputer. Does anyone know of what to do for a good introduction into Vex.


Vex is a very good system to work with. Although I have no previous experience with NXT, I can vouch for Vex. It’s not that bad a price for a robotics system and is good for anyone from absolute beginners to certified engineers.

I guess i would the dual control bundle. Unfortunately they got rid of the old starter kit, which was a pretty good deal. for more info on what to start with, I would look at this thread.

I was thinking of the remote and then later get the autonomous that way you get an extra protobot set and a signal splitter for those quick rc bots. I noticed that that set was gone too. I wouldv gone for that and im dissapointed they dont have it anymore. But as for my next 200$ I think it is already planned to go for pneumatics and wheels and cam wheels and maby some chain for my NXT. I really was thinking that the new starter kits are quite expensive for what it has. 300 peices for 300$ that never happend. That means every single little screw is 1$. cmon let us start cheap. And I also noticed that after that you are pretty much on your own for parts. That is one thing I liked about lego. You can buy all your parts seprate for if you are just dying for some more gears or some tracks but then you can just buy a technic set for about 50$ and get some 400 peices for robots. I actually boght one technic set that was 200 peices for about 20$ it is a small model but it has some nice parts like shocks and things. I wish Vex had some sets with a couple hundred peices cheap and then you could just buy it. This is what is making me think of staying with the NXT it has tons of programming languages, easy and cheap parts, very easy to put together no nuts and bolts, and if im desprate for some more advanced stuff I could switch to Tetrix (though they are pretty expensive but they have metal gears :smiley: still expensive though). IDK all this vex is tempting to buy but just expensive for me. Of course I could wait until next year when I work in the school cafeteria (or in february if they have a spot) and get nearly 200$ in two months. A lot faster than now. I know it shouldnt be a problem. I waited 3 years for my NXT so I can wait 1 year or less for vex. I could reaserch all the time like I did with the nxt but there isnt much to reaserch on. Not many books not as many vids on youtube just harder. But I could keep reading here and asking questions that always works.

I recommend looking at some of the previous threads on Vex vs Lego and basing your choice on them. This thread, for example, has a lot of information on both systems in it.

If you are looking for a hobby and just to build, then nothing is better the VEX. The versatility combined with simplicity is amazing. Newcomers can start out small and work their way up, while veterans are still discovering the end-less possibilities of VEX.

If you are looking for a competition, considering your experience with NXT and Lego, I would suggest FTC. FTC is a tad bit more advanced and definitely more expensive, but with a kit similar to the VEX kit, the Tetrix robotics kit extremely compatible with Lego and VEX. For more information on FTC visit:

yeah I wanted to do FTC this year since they now do it with the NXT. Without the NXT its nearly 1000$ for the set. WIth the NXT it is 800$ and if you did FTC last year or you have a good reason its only 450$. I wish I had a good reason to tell them. WHnever I ask my dad if I can do the big competitions he always says “once you move out of the house you can have a pet elaphant for all i care” but while im still in i cant. I will try again becasue once I move out I wont be able to join FTC. I wanted FLL too but this is the last year I can join.

In the short run, FTC and VRC (Vex) have similar cost (if you’re a returning FTC team), but once you get to the second year, Vex comes out cheaper to maintain on a yearly basis.

To have enough parts for a really good robot, my favorite pick is the Classroom Lab Kit for $699. The only thing you have to add is $50 for the software of your choice. Once you have the kit, registering a team is $75 each year (vs. $275 each year for FTC). Another advantage is that with the pilot college program, it’s likely that you’ll be able to use your same kit/parts in college competitions.

We spend an additional ~ $150/year to replace cut metal & burnt-out batteries, and buy new parts that have been released. So if we hadn’t added new students, our cost as a returning team would have been about $225, since the Vex tournament we take part in has no cost.

This is true for almost all competitions. The first year cost will always be higher than the following years because then you don’t have to buy all of the starting kits again.