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Match lists will be published online at 1pm

They aren’t sure how they like the 1 robot rule in VEXU yet.

VEXU is disinclined to growth in the US

The warning-DQ system is intentionally simple as opposed to having “layers of fouls” ie point penalties like FRC.

Assigning point penalties creates tradeoffs for breaking rules and if the number of penalty points is off, then it screws up everything. They think it’s better to just do people to make it 100% don’t break this rule as opposed to well if we break this rule we will only lose x points.

Q: My opponent tipping me while scoring is like getting hit by a drink driver.
A: (Karthik) we’ll be watching
Follow up question: there should be consequences for building a robot that teaches over the fence.
Follow-up answer: scoring vs not scoring matters

It’s vex parts only to make it as “level as possible” and there aren’t any plans to change that. Both in terms of cost, accessibility to parts, and inspection enforcement.

They are going to add more direct wording about expectations regarding behavior and judging to the manual. Expect this in an August update after the event partner summit.

They don’t like the idea of making a notebook mandatory to compete. They will try to make the rubric better; they are divided on how to do that

Vex is factually affordable. They think people are crazy for going to 10+ events per year. They think something should be done to limit the number of competitions a team can attend in order to allow other teams to get into events and prevent crowding out.

16% of teams are at worlds. The registration fees for world’s don’t come close to covering the cost of it.

I don’t like this.

Feedback on the combined skills system has been pretty positive and it’s likely going to stick around.

They don’t like the same team winning all of the judged awards. Cutting down to one skills award opened up room for another judged award.

They have a problem with adults programming robots.

Q: it’s not fair that hs students with lots of time compete in VEXU, so do you have any plans to prevent that? (Eg. A HS student enrolled at a community college)
A: we aren’t aware that that’s a major problem.

Q: can we write a rule that lets us throw adults out of queuing.
A: we don’t like too much adult involvement, but we also want adults involved.

We don’t want to stop adults from working on robots because what if a vex IQ kid trips and breaks his robot and needs emergency help, but we also know of adults doing everything and want to stop that.

We don’t want to put a volunteer in a bad position

Me neither :frowning:

Everyone has the same opportunity to sign up for events. It’s your own fault if you sign up late.

It’s not about signing up late. down in Cali the events basically fill up within 5minutes of registration time so it’s difficult for some of the advisors that are busier to set aside time to sign up the night of registration

That’s a fair point. I guess I don’t know what the “problem” is like outside of AZ. In that case they should only make rules in states that need them.

I still believe limiting the number of events a team can register for isn’t the right answer.

Agreed. Many AZ events this season ran well below capacity, and many teams only went to 1 or 2 events when they probably would have benefited from going to more.

I don’t think a competition attendance limit would help the situation in AZ at all.

I wish more schools/teams ran events. We have had some teams participate for many years but never host an event. It is a big job, but there are other teams to help. And you like competing or you would not sign your team up.

We now host two events to ensure we get a minimum number available.

As far as competing in events, 5-6 events I think is the sweet spot to have enough iteration time and ability to compete over an entire season versus a few events. Beyond that it is a bit much.

A friend of mine suggested that teams who haven’t sign up for say three events yet, get priority for say a week when new events become available. Hosting an event is also a great way to make money, so I’m not sure why more schools don’t do it at all or more than once

Thanks for sharing the info.

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