next competition?

Is this the next vex compaction?

@Inventor bots ,No I believe it was for a online challenge

It was for an online challenge, but I would LOVE if we could have a game like this next year. It requires so much of advanced engineering. I LOVE IT! There are so many different parts to the game and it would require a robot with a very different design from previous years. Hey Karthik and the rest of the design committee, if you are listening, please design a game like this for next year.

Not sure if you realize this but the GDC designs games 3 years in advance, so next year’s game is already set in stone.

Are you serious?

I was hoping we would finally have a game at FTC level. I guess not :frowning:

??? They design games a year in advance, at least that is my understanding.

Probably my poor understanding. More fake news

this is all fake news. water game 2k17 confirmed