NEXT LEVEL game kit wanted

Looking to buy NEXT LEVEL game kit.

This was the 2018-2019 game.

Thank you!

There were some on Ebay but not anymore,
Just asking why do u want it,

What’s your budget for the NL element kit?

I am pretty sure I have one complete Next Level game kit around. PM me with your address/contact info and I can see about the cost.

Good morning,

Thank you.

This is my email. I live in Dallas, Texas.

It is for my robotics class. I will pay for shipping and cost of game kit.


Looks like JayM has you covered for Next Level. Let me know if you need the game from last year, I have one of them that hasn’t been opened.

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why do you want a next level game?!!

Most likely to use in a classroom setting. Not everyone is here for this year’s competition only.


Whoa, really? 20 char

I can second this. We do beginner summer camps where we always play the Next Level game. We only do the current game for the advanced summer camp.