Next year

Does anyone have any inside info on what next year’s challenge will be.

Can everyone just stop asking this question?

We all know it’s going to be a water game.

No one who has inside information is sharing, least of all here. It’s always been pointless to ask, and it always will be.

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If it’s a water game, I think there would be leaks since water leaks. Just saying.

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Top secret leeks:
2018-2019 will be played on a 12 foot by 12 foot field by two alliances, one red and one blue, each made up of 2 teams. The match will begin with a 15 second autonomous period, and whoever scores the most in autonomous period will receive the autonomous bonus. After the auton winner has been determined the 1:45 driver control period will begin.


Nahh. With V5’s new vision sensor they’re totally making autonomous 30 seconds, and reducing driver control to 1:30. Also adding a green alliance due to the ability to sense colours, so coloured game objects is also a thing

Three way tournaments would actually be awesome… That being said, you need a bigger field.

You might not need a bigger field if it was a 1v1v1 match.

@Harsha Jagarlamudi +1
but why not free-for-all 1v1v1v1 bar fight? lol

That would be awesome!

I have heard rumours of a double decker feild. That will allow plenty of space for the new 3 or 4 way matches. With water of course.

on the upper decker

What I find enjoyable is all the people that try sneaking around at worlds to figure out the next game just a day or two ahead.

I can’t find anything that says it will be a water game

So you’re new here, aren’t you?

There are many things that say it will be a water game.

The really question is can you find anything that says it isn’t a water game.

No, no, you don’t understand yet. It will be a water game.

And the moon landing never happened, and the earth is flat…

And Elon Musk is just a hologram fabricated by the government, who will fund VEX next year, which will lead to global domination.

Think about it. Last year’s game was Starstruck, and guess what happened earlier this season? A Tesla was sent to space. Coincidence? ** I T H I N K N O T **

Starstruck covers the space, In The Zone covers the land, and guess what is left in the holy trio? Water.

This mans logic is unbreakable. Water game confirmed.