next years challenge?

Does anyone know when next years challenge will be announced, or does anybody already know what it will be? Thanks!

At World Championships, April 22-24.

Last year Clean Sweep was announced during the finals, right before the competition ended. I would assume that the 2010-2011 game would follow the same pattern.

Who knows really, I cant wait to see what Vex has come up with! :smiley:

Cody Smith,
Polynomic 3D

Yup, the latest team email shows that the new game will be revealed on Friday, April 23. I’m surprised it’s being released on Friday though, it worked out fairly well last year with the revealing being almost the last thing before the end of the competition.

Yeah definitely a change, the design challenge winners also got announces where as last year they made me wait until worlds! I was actually quite happy though so no harm no foul but it surprised me.


I could probably guess but… i don’t think the officials would appreciate that.:o

why would they not appreciate it if you were guessing?
unless you got tipped off…
let me start the guessing
heavier game objects and the use of a “pyramid” shape
i would want another “rock-paper-scissors” thing going
and not just “dual tank thread for the win”
that way teams can try out differrent strategies over the season

Probably more robot-to-robot contact next year, seeing how little there was this year. Perhaps a multiplier game object, haven’t had one for a few years.

hey guys i’m the regular person that post stuffiez on here. For example the team party and teacher award presentation was not me… We are sorry if we maybe annoying… Hmmm next years challenge will be so interesting I can’t wait…! Since this year there was not really any interference between alliances in matches i would say the new game will have the alliance seperated :smiley: <- probably. Maybe they will use triangles or other playing object shapes since… for the past year it has been balls… and cubes. Possibly the game objects wont be heavier! so teams with not enough funding can build there robot out of metal and have a chance against teams with funding for other parts…thats all im guessing for the new game this year ! :smiley: oh well its sad but clean sweep was suprisingly an awesome game ! :smiley:

Actually if you look at each games playing object you can draw a correlation.

2008: Bridge Battle, balls
2009: Elevation, cubes
2010: Clean Sweep, footballs
2011: ???, _____.

My guess is that the game object follows the pattern and has some form of sharp edge, maybe a hexagon.

Also, clearly we finally have our water game, the Gods demand it!

But who knows, I’m just a 3D animation. :slight_smile:

I think it’ll be interesting to see how the new game is formulated.

Iao school VEX made a good point that VEX has faced amazing growth, and this game was perfect to face the growth. It’s easy to understand, it’s oriented so that many different strategies can be implemented, an dmany team swere able to develo pa robot to do what they wanted the most.

The game design will not only need to attract newer students by keeping the overal motif simple, but also keep it interesting by allowing many different strategies and plans to win the game.

As for next year’s game;

  • I expect robot to robot contact to become more prevalent as the barrier will be removed.

  • I expect robots to be be pushed a little further as teams who want to score massive amounts of points will be expected to go beyond the usualy 18" limits.

  • I, for one, would like to see a shooter game. Somthing like maybe taking this year’s green balls and shooting them into high crates for 5 points, putting them into an onfield goal for two points, and maybe having the robot in a certain spot/position gets you the bonus.

That’s just my belief.

@ smartkid
i agree with the different shape of the game object
but i think hexagons will be to much like balls
maybe pyramids?

and defense may be a good strategy to next years game too
since we are all used to the barrier wall in the middle

Perhaps we’re not limited to regular solids (i.e. not all faces are the same size). I was thinking perhaps an equilateral triangular prism or something. That certainly made this year’s game more complicated with the football.

Rather than moving objects from one place to a goal or similar, I’d rather have those FRC style games which are more complex and have multiple potential objectives. Overdrive (the one with the trackballs) was probably among my favorite.

So perhaps something to do with moving the robot from one place to another, or game objects whose points are “recyclable” so to speak. In elevation, it was less exciting because once a cube was in a goal, it was, for the most part, staying there, and the amount of the objects on the field decreased. Moreover, the twin treads broke the game :D. On the other hand, with Clean Sweep, you can de-score (move balls back to the other side), and thus the points are “recycled.” In other words, a game where changes in score can last the full 2 min is the best. Descoring is always intense.

Also, perhaps game objects that are shared, rather than blue only or red only. The wall setup for clean sweep i thought was pretty good.

Hey Cody,

All we want to know is, are you going to do the animation again for this year’s game?

How about 1-inch-long cylinders cut from 3" PVC pipe? :slight_smile:

Lessons learned from Clean Sweep: [LIST]
*]It took way too long to count the balls.
*]No robot to robot contact.
*]Older VEX mentors harken to games of yore.
*]Programmers want a new challenge.

So the new game is :
Atlas Shrugged - Teams of robots move an Atlas ball into their score zone to win. But the twist is that it’s 2 mins of driver mode followed by 20 seconds of autonomous!

There you go Cody, you should be able to get the animation done by Worlds :slight_smile:

Well… I can’t say or I would.

LOL, enough said.

I like this game idea, only 8 days, no problem. :cool:


lul i would love to see another challenge like the 2007 first challenge, with really big objects like the atlas ball or whatever it was called

i would like to see some more robot-robot contact. The autonomous this year was pretty easy you juts had to get to the wall. I did not play elevation but i am fairly certain that scoring in one of those tiny little goals is a bit more difficult that dumping over a 12’ wide wall.

Although nearly impossible i would also like a longer auto period.


Autonomous this year was easy. But is it easy anymore? I guarantee you that the robots that rank the highest/go the farthest are the ones that have a killer autonomous (Not just go forward), and then they spend the rest of the match guarding any ball returns.

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