next years challenge?

I agree 100% i have a pretty good autonomous, it runs for just over 20 seconds at 20 seconds i am 70% through a dump and the latex tubing i used to balance out my lifter arm competes the last bit of the dump as the robot is powered down. Because the balls are moving at the end of 20 seconds it isn’t scored until after they come to rest on the other side of the field.:wink: I have noticed at many regionals that after autonomous i don’t really have to work too hard to stay on top of the match. The intimidation factor is huge and it feels really good to enter driver control ahead of other alliance. I don’t really care about the 5 point bonus as much as i care about starting off in the positive and just maintaining the lead for the rest of the match.


You know what I want to see? Robots flying up in the air and launching mini robots at each other. Boom Boom Pew Pew. Ultimate competition right there boys and girls.

Now that I can actually deliver :cool: