next years challenge

So what do you guys think the new game could or should be for next year.

Cool game objects or tasks?

Anything that would be fun or any rule changes you would make?

-974X Cyberbrains

can we not do this yet?n:p

Let’s both make world’s at state so you (and us) don’t have to think about this yet.

This thread is about a month or two early.

No no no no to early. Even the cat is saying it.

It’s gotta be something with triangles, otherwise VEX is the Illuminati. It has three letters for Pete’s sake!

that would be fun! definitely a challenge.

what if they changed the sizing requirements. or allowed welding. thicker metals.

Size requirements will be the same, because the vex sizing tool is a standard part and they would not force everyone to buy a new sizing tool.

Welding will not be allowed because this is a middle/high school program which would make it unsafe. Cost would also be a factor, heck, non vex U are not even allowed 3d printed parts.

Thicker metal would require vex to have a lot of R&D expences, and in 99% of the cases, the current metal works. (Not saying that it couldn’t happen, but I believe there are many more priorities before thicker metal.) It is always possible to attach metal back to back to make it thicker.

Well, our teams are out for the season, so we’re going to guess that next year will involve two different types of scoring objects (like round-up and gateway) and a more directional field (like toss-up). Perhaps pyramids? maybe an inclined field? I’d like to see something that would make treads a little more useful…

I’d be willing to bet on triangles- how do you plan on walling that off though?

I would like to see something like the cube from a few years ago that you try to flip to your own color. This would cause close interaction between robots which would be a nice change after this year.

This could even be a triangle to go along with the triangle theme.

^ You mean Elevation. The Bonus Cube was great. Also the raised platform in the middle of the field. Good days.

We had triangle goals with cubes back then. The scoring for that game was just not adequate, and I don’t think point values were necessarily the greatest.

For a while I had no clue how they were going to top this year’s challenge, but they always figure out a way.

I expect to see more field obstacles, either direct (similar to the bump/barrier in Toss Up) or indirect (like the trough in Sack Attack).

Another thought that ran through my head is that while this year, teams learned how to develop extremely tall and robust lifting systems, so next year, it could be the team with the fastest and most reliable drivetrain that will succeed.

I’d like to see some of the crazy, intense fighting for goals that happened in Toss Up, but with objects that are more challenging to pick up than balls. I doubt that the GDC will do ball objects again for a while, since teams mostly end up using side rollers for them.

what about something with a balance were the teams with the most weight in their side gets extra points or maybe a challenge to get over a 6in. wall to get major scoring

I really like the idea of making a robot that has to climb over say an 8-12 in wall or barrier. something vex has never done. people would come up with completely different types of robots than just drive, lift, score.

I want next year’s challenge to be more confrontational. I’d like to be able to go in to other robots’ areas, block them from doing things, and descore their points. Skyrise doesn’t have any of that and I’m missing it.

Bringing back hanging from the post like in Toss Up last year would be fun.

I am definitely thinking something with triangles or pyramids, maybe even cones? They would just have to make sure that standard clawbots could handle them because of the schools that buy the clawbot kits. I liked the directional field last year, and I also liked the common scoring objects of Sack Attack. Maybe there will be pyramid pieces that each alliance has to put together to make a larger pyramid, or just make something in general. The idea of “building our own post” this year with skyrises is definitely an interesting idea, so it could be similar in that we have to build something to be able to score. It could possibly be more defense-oriented since this year’s focus is offense. :slight_smile:

I agree that common game pieces are nice. In sack attack you were able to transfer the game pieces between goals which could turn a match around quickly.

Imagine next year’s game being something using a game piece or two from every game. Like there are four sack attack sacks sitting in the corners with little troughs on the side etc…

I want there to finally be a challenge that’s good for autonomous programmers.

This year, if you wanted to do a high-scoring autonomous the risk of failure was just to high. 90% of teams didn’t attempt more than floor goals. There needs to be more intermediate ways to score points