Next years Game Idea

Now that we are done raving over were vex worlds Im wondering what people think what next years game will be.:smiley:

Sorry, but…

Go build a robot! Go program a robot! Have you qualified for Worlds already and don’t need to worry about the rest of the season?

Time to start the flood…

water game

oh yeah.

For FRC, we do this ALL YEAR. let’s get it over with now so that we can move on to other things? Please?

For VEX, we don’t.

Ok Ok Ok Ok we can wait like four months then. Hopefully by then my group will have qualified for worlds. If my cortex doesn’t smoke again.:rolleyes:

Also that is because the FRC structure means you spend more time messing around than working.

In VEX all you need is some time and your own mind to make serious steps towards your goal of winning VEX.

In lay terms. As long as a game exists don’t worry about the next one.

Bwahaha, yes

A bit of speculation is fun, but not right now…
We don’t need that until march please. :rolleyes:

Being pedantic, next year we will still have skyrise! (For a bit)