Next Years Game

Just a simple Question. If you could pick one field element/ scoring object from TOSS UP to put in next years game what would it be and why?

None, I want a completely new, original game design each year as it helps inspire new ideas.

I agree entirely. If we recycled the same game each year, how boring would that be? The entire point of VEX is to design solutions to constantly changing problems.

The bump, or terrain element was an interesting element of the game, and would welcome a different terrain element in a future game. Although next year would be a little to early to re-implement it.

Not sure what I would want to keep, as a completely new game is always interesting.

However, one thing that I would NOT want for sure is a height restriction like the barrier. We could have done so much more with the extra 6" lol. I guess it just adds another element to the game though.

These barriers do add an extra element in the game, like the pneumatic release catapult by W.A.F.F.L.E.S. (I think it was them) in sack attack that used it to pull their catapult back down. Also the implementation of designs that allow robots to drive under the barrier and knock off the ball into their tray allowing for advanced, high scoring autonomous tasks.

Next year, I can only imagine what crazy strategies we’ll be coming up with. I wonder if the game will be free of Gateway Fever? Only time will tell.

I enjoyed the idea of different scoring objects. It adds a complexity to the game which allows for more unique designs, in my opinion. It’d be interesting to see that still. I’d also be interested in seeing more terrain elements (like a higher bump) as opposed to height restrictive elements like the 12 inch barrier. It would be cool to see a game where you’d be forced to go over a similarly tall obstacle instead of under it.

I wouldn’t want a height restriction (below the 18). It makes it more metal to be cut every time they change the limit. I feel that VEX should combine a large quantity of previous game objects and goals as well as some new ones to create a game where robots would have to specialize in one task. Also, this may upset many, but there should be a limit on pneumatics. It it too great an advantage to have one team with 4 pistons and 2 tanks on a robot and another that has none.

What would be interesting, in my opinion is having a weight limit to limit the quantity of metal, motors, and pneumatics that can be used.

Just my 2 cents

A weight limit would make a lot of wall bots useless and decrease the overall defensive strategies of the game as it’s just simple pushing with a normal drive train.

I would like the field perimeter to be reused. And the field tiles. They are very useful, and the gym floors do not get scratched. There is no good reason to get rid of them!


Seriously though;
I wouldn’t like reusing anything, but if it had to be done, I would choose the stash tubes. Also, I would want them mounted horizontally on the walls. :slight_smile:

The bump was ok, but I wouldn’t want it again. (Annoying. :()
Absolutely not the barrier! (Silly height limit, annoying to set up, etc.)
Absolutely not the large balls! (Pumping those up is such a pain, and they don’t get inflated to spec, and they break open, etc.)
The bucky balls are ok, but not very fun, IMO.
The hanging bars wouldn’t have much purpose other than hanging again. (Please no hanging for 2 consecutive years!)

Actually, I was able to make a six bar and only cut a few pieces for the base so I think hight restrictions are not a problem.:stuck_out_tongue:

honestly I just want to have a flat floor and 18 inch tall robots again

Hallelujah yes!

I would like to see an open field with NO height restrictions. I think a shooting game would be fun (like Hot Shot from FTC). Something very challenging, but using all the 18x18x18.

Hi Kanamishra

I think the barrier is vital to the Toss Up Game because it:

  • clearly demarks that the big balls are in the goal zone or out of the goal zone.
  • ensures that a push bot cannot just push the big balls around the field, hence teams are rewarded for effectively picking up the big balls.
  • to this point (to my knowledge), is the main reason that a team has not implemented a viable method to descore bucky balls from within the stash goals (in my opinion, probably a good thing).
  • encourages catapults which are very cool to see operating.
  • makes reaching the hanging bar significantly more difficult, hence teams need to come up with some interesting mechanisms to achieve this.

Hey, but I also like the bump :), Paul

I would like to see a large open field game. This is our second full year so we haven’t really built a full size robot yet!

I personally really liked the bump. It somewhat brings me back to the days of Elevation with that platform in the middle of the field. Oh the pushing wars that happened at the end of matches. Also liked the open-field concept and having the ability to make max size robots.

I have really enjoyed Toss Up. The one thing I would like to see continue is having more than one type or size of scoring object. I like the fact that a robot has to be designed to carry or manipulate more than one type of ball this year as opposed to a different colored sack last year. All in all I think toss up was a good game. If next years game uses only one type of scoring object I hope the goals are significantly different among the different point values.

Personally, I really like the field limiters like the barrier this year, and the trough last year. I felt like it was the game design committee’s way of secretly “adding” more power to your motors.

By limiting the size teams can build their robots and lowering the size of each field element, while mixing in maintaining motor power, the number of tasks each motor can do increases significantly. As a result, additional power can be siphoned somewhere else to create a more advanced robot.

I agree. even though this is our teams first year, we still would like the challenge of a new game next year.