Next Years Game

What does everyone think the game for next year will be.

I’m thinking that it’ll involve tri-shaped objects or heavy game objects, and of course, lifts.

So like what like triangles then.

We’ve been saying pyramids for a while now. I think that’s what it’s gonna be. It won’t be balls, following the every other year pattern and there probably won’t be an endgame either. I am hoping for a defensive element that makes teams have good strategies. As others have said the objects might be on the heavier side and there will definitely be lifts (as in lifts for the game objects, not for robots as in NBN).

All I can guarantee is that there won’t be and balls, but I really have no idea what they’re going to go with.
I agree that the only really interesting scoring object that they haven’t used yet is triangles.
Like this kind.

i feel the same way. Me and my friends have talked and we think its going to be something that is a design challenge.

Maybe some kind of pole?
Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think that they’ve ever used poles.

yes last year in skyrise.

I think he means poles for scoring objects

I think that @3279 meant movable poles like in my game animation.


And yes.

Check out the game design animation challenge entries.

I was just thinking that eventually vex will have to go back to previously used elements, so that could happen this year. Maybe a tube from round up but with a bigger radius so that you couldn’t use the same mechanisms. All of the most common intake mechanisms relied on the tubes being that size and wouldn’t work scaled up.

The annual speculation hype from the end of state until worlds. There it goes.
Pretty certain no balls. Very likely robot expansion is gonna be back and we’ll be building again lifts and wall bots. Other than that, I don’t know. A pure shooter game that’s been demanded very long has been delivered, and I can’t think of what’s next.
One thing I’d like to see changing is the ranking system. I like the way FRC does it. Ranking system shouldn’t be fixed. It should be reasonably changed every year to help better emphasize the game objective. Like recycle rush, the ranking system discourages interaction/defense play and encourages active scoring. But at the end of the day, Karthik knows way better about FRC than anyone else, and he’s gonna make good decisions.
Honestly, I can’t think of what’s next anymore, and I just feel like sitting back and letting things unfold. For me, the greatest joy in VEX is unraveling the ultimate strategy in a game and then choosing the design approach with the highest effort-reward ratio from the beginning of the season, and finishing the season handling every match elegantly, whether winning or losing.

Just in addition, Karthik, maybe throwing in a very huge game determining object with a very very very difficult chokehole strategy is not a bad idea.

I hope that it will be easy to set up (unlike NbN, maybe something random like FTC Res-Q?), easy to ship (unlike Skyrise) and I hope that the size rule from this year will be gone.

I’ hoping to see size limit for inspection increase to a more round number like 20x20x20 instead of 18x18x18. Probably not going to happen though.

I really, really hope the size limit stays. As a low funded team, the size limit and 12 motors makes it so much more fair to privately funded teams. In Skyrise, we were totally blown out at worlds because our robot simply wasn’t elaborate enough.

But wall bots are fun :slight_smile:

I didn’t think about it that way though, you make a good point

Feel you on that one, the best bots had 1000’s of dollars of aluminium on them. We really felt that skyrise, while a great game, was also a game of, “who has the most aluminium”.

True How do all of you feel about this years game.