Next Years Game

I like it, it’s tons of fun, really cool programming element, and serious emphasis on build quality. However, I do feel it tends to get a little boring in the last 40-30 seconds, I really don’t like this game due to its lack of defensive/descoring element. I do think that it is a pretty good implementation of a shooting game.

I like the game this year. Unlike skyrise, it was able to be done by lower funded teams, and you don’t have to be 100% perfect everytime. Skyrise was just whose robot could be built more perfect, because by worlds, they could all do almost the same things. NBN just has had a lack of strategy in my area. We’ve had a few robots adapt to changing strategies, but the majority just copy other robots that they see at competitions. We didn’t have the crazy competition like in BC or Texas which would have fueled the game.

I hate the pyramids of balls, that was a terrible idea. Other than that I really enjoy it.

You’re right about descoring but there is a lot of defense, actually, my teams robot is designed for defense.

I for one hope the bring back the climbing tower from 5 years ago. That was my favorite game element.

I agree.
Something similar would be great.
It seemed to be kind of unused back then, but with the number of teams that there are now, I’m sure that everyone would work in the bonus. I really liked that it didn’t rely on your alliance partener to be compatible with you.