Next years game.

Its almost April! We can now start talking about possible ideas about the new season. A water game is highly likely b/c V5 is waterproof. Any other ideas?

Space game to retrieve the Tesla Roadster. Winner gets it.

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I’m gonna go out on a limb and guess it has something to do with robots and a 12’x12’ field

But that’s just my guess


It’s gonna be the best two minutes in robotics


leaked info: the 2018-2019 game will be played on a 12’ x 12’ field by two alliances, one red and one blue, each made up of two teams

Battle Bots!

underwater battle bots

You folks clearly have inside info. I’m not sure you should be sharing details like that in an open forum. The GDC may come down on you for such leaks.

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I heard there’s gonna be a 15 second autonomous period followed by a 1 minuet 45 second driver Control Period


Legend has it that the winning alliance of the autonomous period gets additional points at the end of the match

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I actually want a 30 sec auton and a 150 sec driver control like in FTC

I feel like with matches thar long there wouldn’t be enough to do, especially with a 12’ x12’ field. There’s only so many game objects you can fit in that size space.

It would be cool to have a field that had more than one “level” to it… like maybe a smaller 4’x4’ field elevated above the 12’ by 12’ field?

I’d honestly like to have longer autonomous (30/45 seconds) while extending the total time of the matches to 3 minutes - a bit more time to introduce a game that requires more strategy.

Teamwork would also be cool, something where the two robots have to work together (like lifting in nbn or the frc games, maybe having both robots weigh down on two squares to move to elsewhere, etc.

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Also I heard that the robots… are made of metal

I am completely up for that, I’ll even wear my Boring Company hat

4 robots, two alliances(one red one blue), robots start inside 18"x18"x18", played on a 12’x12’, they score objects, the highest score wins.

Its under water

It is highly likely for a partial underwater game. Since the current vex system is not waterproof, but is still allowed in competition next year, it is probably 50% water and 50% ground.

I highly doubt it will be underwater. MS & HS students, electronics and water are not a good combo.

Didn’t you get the memo? VEX has been busy engineering a sort of coagulated, insulating water specifically for this purpose. That’s why we haven’t seen a meaningful product release these past 2 years.

I would assume they would give the new line a year of testing and familiarizing before implementing a game that pushes it to its limits. I’m probably wrong, however.