Next year's IFI/FTC Game

What would you guys like to see in one of next year’s games? Chief Delphi has a thread similar in nature to this one where they asked if there were any changes people wanted to make to the standard tournament structure that both IFI and FTC use, so I’ll throw that question in here as well.

Well, I’ve noticed that games are similar to FRC so my thought is…it’ll be something where you have to launch/or throw. Large balls over a rack. It won’t be EXACTLY the same, like underdrive, but it will similar.

I would love to have a game like Overdrive this year.

FTC summary
2004 - 2004 game
2005 - lots of balls (similarities to FRC 2000, 2004)
2006 - lots of balls (somewhat similar to FRC 2006 and '04 (hanging))
2007 - lots of rings (goals similar to FRC02/04 while rings similar to FRC98/07)
So far most games bear a lot of similarities to FRC games. My prediction is, next year’s game will be similar to '03 (boxes), or possibly '05’s tetras with ramps involved, or '08 but with a different set of rules.
All the games would be challenging and fun.

In terms of IFI its hard to predict. I think they may follow up with another year of balls, but I’m hoping for something other than rings and balls. Since the automous mode will be seperated but played with the same game, I think overdrive would be very possible in IFI. It certainly has less interaction between robots than the previous games.

I’m hoping for lots of small balls (ping pong or golf ball sized), and a game like 2006 FRC, except without the ramps in the endzone. No matter what field object is chosen, I think it would be a bad idea to limit the game where only one object can be carried at a time - the principle of storing multiple balls/rings/etc. is what has made vex fun.

However, FRC lines robots on opposite sides of a rectangular field, and vex uses a square field. (Question: have robots ever been lined up against opposite walls?)

They lined up some what opposite in half pipe hustle.

I don’t think balls would be good again, we already know how to work those. I also think it would be best not to modle it after overdrive, because that might eleminate the 12’ by 12’ field restraints.

Just FYI they have re-done they have VEX Middle/High/School and VEX college listed separately.

As far as the game goes we won’t know until it comes.

Unless we get a hint with which we can run on a wild goose chase!

Hints? What do you mean?

Every year for a while FIRST has released a game hint, or two?, about the upcoming game. They are very obscure and people spend lots of time attempting to figure out what the hint means.

Have there been hints about FTC?

not yet…registreation hasnt even opened yet