Ni-Cd Charger Flashes

We have six dual Ni-Cd chargers on our battery stand. All chargers seem to “reject” batteries as indicated by the flashing red LED. So far, ten older batteries and five new batteries have been rejected. Some of these batteries “passed” the prievous day with the light going off. Has anyone else had this experience? Is there a fix or work-around?

What do you mean by “five new batteries?” Are these the new NiMH 2000 mAh, batteries, the new NiMH 3000 mAh batteries, or “hardly used” Ni-Cd batteries (which are now discontinued).

If you are using NiMH batteries, these should not be used with the old Ni-Cd chargers (see battery descriptions). If you’re charging NiMH batteries with old chargers, the batteries may be damaged.

Most of our batteries are 5 - 6 years old, and we’re still using ancient Ni-Cd chargers with ancient Ni-Cd batteries, so we’re encountering mischarges (flashing red light) more frequently. When a battery refuses to charge, we try to drain it further by putting a continuous running motor on it until it (nearly) runs out of juice, then recharging it. This works frequently. When it doesn’t work, we send it to the battery graveyard. But we’ve never had a situation when all batteries on all chargers mischarge on the same day.

While batteries can be damaged by completely discharging them, they work best when drained to nearly the bottom, then recharged, due to recharging “memory”.

Right. The “new” batteries are hardly used or never used Ni-Cds.