Nickname for the moveable goals

For starstruck, the stars were pretty universally referred to as stars; however, the cubes were given a variety of nickname such as bags and pillows. Similarly, this year the cones will probably always be called cones, but I think the moveable goals will be given all sorts of names.

I vote we call them - “pylons”

I want to hear what other ideas people have for nicknames.

Edit: link to the poll -

i like that

After thought, just think of all the star craft jokes!

How about buoys?

I’m going to wait for a few more suggestions and create poll

Maybe “weights” or “base cone”. Although, I do like pylon.

i like pylons the best

Movable -> movies

Cans - can race op

Despite cans not deacribing the shape or function of the moveable goals, I do enjoy the alliteration of carrying cones on cans


Just call it “base”

“movable goal”

Base is efficient for matches. Because it will take less time to explain to your partners. You see. Pylon has two sylables therefore it uses up useful time to communicate to your partners. “Yo grab the base dawg.” takes less time than “yo grab the py-lon dawg”.

And we won’t even get into how much syllables are in base cone

Pylons definitely

Do they move like Weebles?
link text

Fat Stacks

I say we call them “Mobile Goals”.

They look like buoys to me.