Nickname for the moveable goals


They most resemble buoys but i think pylons will be the one used the most by announcers and competitors.

Buoys is nautical; nice theme. So maybe “Goalie McGoal…” something.

Weebles it is.

I’m all about that base.

callouts are supposed to be short and fast, i like would call it a “base”

This sounds great. Lol, I can see the announcer having fun with that.

I created a poll, time to vote!

edit: poll URL was changed

Personally, I vote for Port-a-Goals.

The poll service I was using decided delete the poll results spontaneously. So now there is a new poll with a new URL. Sorry.

Our team’s calling it VEX Ice Cream Cones… Do with that what you will…

Movable goals would be the most accurate, as that is what they are called in the manual…

My friends and I were doing the same thing, but we then evolved towards calling them “waffles cones,” and they’re now just called “waffles.” shrug

Anyway, regardless of what the community decides to nickname it to, I would strongly recommend staying away from the word “cone.” It is NOT a cone, but calling it one could create could create confusion.

I think you meant

phat stax

What about beacon? It’s fairly easy to remember and kind of makes sense.
Just my thought… :slight_smile:

The thread is titled… Nickname for the “moveable goals”.

I think they should be named "movable goals : movals : moo-vulls)

“You must construct additional pylons!”

How about “nuisance”

can race