Nickname for the moveable goals

We’re gonna call them moles. Bc then the stationary goals can be mountains.

We’ve just been calling them bases (the base of the stacks). Kind of applies to the stationary goals also but we just call them statics

I say we call them “The Heavy Objects for Scoring” ; H.O.S for short or “The Heavy Objects for Points”; H.O.P

I guess I’m too late to vote, because I’m seeing a dead link. However, I like ‘base’ as it accurately describes both the structure and function of the mobile goals very well, while keeping it down to one syllable.

Personally, I vote we call it “The Bigger One”, but to each his own. I find this idea to need little explaining on its etymology. :slight_smile:

The shorthand I’ve been using is “mogo.” It’s still two syllables, but it feels very easy to enunciate. It’s also easy for me to type on my phone while discussing strategy. I can definitely imagine teams having to agree on common terminology prior to allying for a match.

Mobile+goal --> mogoal (pronounced like mogul)

I prefer mobile goal to movable goal though, cuts down on a syllable. Plus that’s what karthik and whatever the other guy’s name is called them during the reveal, iirc.

is just say bases

High Motion Propensity Point Earning Cone Storage Object

we started calling them “pucks” already. Simple clean effective and gets the point across

Such creativity! I am in awe…

After 1 conversation with @Bobtheblob - 5327B I saw myself saying Mogo. I really like it

I’ve found myself just calling them bases.

I call them bases, but pylons sound better…

Wouldn’t pylon be a better name for the stationary goals?

Pylon is a not a good name. Pylon is basically another word for a cone shaped thing, so it is easily confused with the yellow scoring objects.

Base is the best and most accurate name for it.

Just so you know, the cone-shaped traffic pylon is only one use of the word.

Pylon is the best name!!

Oh… My… Gosh… Best… Name… Ever…
How about… Movable Goals?!
Best name ever, right?! So creative of me :slight_smile:

I still like “Fat Stax” the best