Night at the Museum Questions

My team has gotten at place at the night at the museum signature event. We have never been before and we are curious about what the venue will be like. How big will the pit sizes be? Smaller or larger than worlds? How far away from the fields will the pits be? ect.

Should be receiving an email from the event organizer with all of this outlined.

It also may be on the event page.


We were at NATM last year. Due to the government shut down, it was not held at the actual museum. So I know nothing of the specifics for this year. However, I can vouch for the EP running the event, though. They are quality - so you should not feel deprived when it comes to pits, practice fields and the like. I don’t know the specifics for the actual museum set up and, like Oscar said, you will get info directly from the EP - but you will be not be disappointed if it is anything like last year.