Night Vision

So here’s what i’m thinking: a vex camera with night vision capacities. The Vexplorer camera right now only works if things are REALLY bright. In just the normal lighting i have, the camera only picks up darkness at full battery power. Something that can be activated/deactivated remotely… like plugging into the motor outlet= camera on, remote stick movement= nightvision on/off. THat way you wouldn’t have to worry about frying out the night vision goggles that you could just otherwise set in front of the camera in the event that you come into a lightened area.

I’m not sure how sensitive the vex camera is to IR but you might want to try illuminating the area in front of the camera with IR LEDs.

The vex camera could be converted into a night vision camera easily, now I have done this to a few webcams and the vex camera should be similar so.

If you open up the camera and access the lens at the front (the lens should come out) you can carefully scratch the reflective film on the lens off with a pin/paperclip/knife. Don’t be to ruff with it or you will mess it up. Once the film is off reassemble the camera.

What I just described is basically scratching the IR filter off of the lens. The camera will now be able to see infrared light. Now you have to find a source of IR light for dark areas. You can get IR flashlights online or buy a bunch of IR led’s off ebay and wire them together to form a bright light source. The camera will also see TV remotes! So that little IR light protruding out of your TV will actually turn on from the cameras perspective.

The whole light could be wired up to an IO port and a relay along with some code you could toggle the night vision lights on and off as needed.

The camera will be able to see during day but it may be bright and it won’t see colors very well, instead it will see a sephia (similar to black and white) picture.

One way to test this is to point a TV remote at the camera before and after removing the IR lens (I just remove the IR Filter - it is just a thin piece of glass that is usually held on with a little glue above the actual lens).

You should see a huge difference - possibly NO “light” before and a bright white flash after.