Nightmare in math class.

I have a math problem. please try it. MWAHAHAHAHAHA! :smiley:

It is here that you will find it. Heheheheh.

well, that’s just unnecessarily tedious…our calculus professor would probably tell us to leave it unsimplified for now. I have a counter-challenge for you! Can you find the derivative of your function?

I’ll step it up…
Give me the integral!

Let me step it up once more. Let’s say F(x) = (that mess of a problem). Can you find F’’(x)-F’’’(x)+2 F’(x) +3F(x)^2?

Realize that you’re plugging in x=6, y=3, w=7. Then, the solution is quite trivial; a beginning algebra could evaluate it with little effort, but with much tedium. :slight_smile: /end of “proof by intimidation”

With regards to the differentiation and integration requests: you might want to specify the variable with respect to which you are differentiating/integrating, or the direction. But, when multiplied, this is just a polynomial so both differentiation and integration could be performed easily.

@Space: that’s more than just a function of x… :wink:

you COULD look at it as a function of x if you treat the other variables as constants and use implicit differentiation with respect to x…