Nike vs. Addidas.

Pick your shoe even if you hate both companies I wanna know:) :wink: :smiley: :cool: :cool:

NIKE!!! An Oregon company!!!


asics all the way.

I like asic but they need a little more variety .

didnt nike originally use slave labour?

I have to go with Nike on this one, but I wear New Balance because of their wide shoe sizes. (my feet are massive)

What size do you wear?

i will have to go with vans

I like the nike umm… I think sp there a skate shoes but there kinda weird because they have rubber stuff in the side insted of leather:D :cool: :cool:

Size 13 super wide (I think something like 4e?)

i do to, i wear 9 1/2 and for age 11 thats BIG

,ys they did

I wear 13 nike uptompo supreme. In black and white

NIKE but i have some 7 size DC shoes right now

all of these shoes are horrible!!!

the best shoes are skate shoes such as ipaths, circas, fallens, etc.

In the opinion of a cross-country runner, Asics and XC cleats are best.

Interesting factiod: Asics was originally a triathlon equipment company, and have only recently come into the regular running shoe market, hence the lack of variety.