NiMH Stick Pack Compatibility

The 7.2V NiCD battery that comes with the battery kit has a 2000 mAH run life, whereas other companies make the very same 7.2v battery with up to a 3200 mAH run life. I recognize that these batteries are NiMH batteries and require a peak charger, but will they damage the microcontroller if used in lieu of the Vex model? Because the voltage is the same, I doubt that there would be a problem, but I definitely wanted to check with the more vex-savvy crowd before I made my attempt.


nevermind…I found it in the FAQ…they say the NiMH batteries have shown no signs of damage…so I’m definitely going to go with them…they have a much longer battery life…and it’ll take less than 30 minutes to charge them with a peak charger, as oppose to 3 hours with the vex charger.

They shouldn’t do any damage, but I’m no expert here- I’d personally use them.

I have always been using them ever since i got the vex.
I have no damge done. it is complete fine. if the voltage is the same it does not matter because volts is how much is being put out at a time while mAH is how much power it holds so it does not matter

I use high grade hoby batteries that make my robot go faster but are still only 7.2 volts, they charge in 15 minutes and last twice as long as my vex battery. The batteries i bought were only 18 dollars a piece.