Nj competitive fire rate

So far the competetion in nj hasnt been too hard. However, I know that it will be harder at states. At the moment we can shoot 30/32 in 40 seconds. What do you think a winning robot will have in nj.

1.25 fire rate is a little low. The winning robot I would assume would have a faster fire rate. How is your on field fire rate? What velocity control are you using?

Our speed code is proportional and integral but we have not gotten a derivative program working yet.
Our field rate is slightly faster.

Remember, speed is only one part. If you are only 60% accurate at high speed, that’s not going to win against a slightly slower robot that is more accurate.

We have near 100% accuracy on the field. And only slightly less from the base tile.


We have a shooter that shoots 32 balls in about 30 seconds. We created our shooter in 3 days, so I’m guess there will be robots at state that can shoot 32 balls in about 20 seconds?

What is your type of shooter? Flywheel, puncher, etc?

Assuming you are asking about the robot in the video, it appears to be a double flywheel with 4" traction wheels (the rounded treads, not the flat ones).

We still have our long range slip gear. We are not going to scrap it just yet, but we are working on a shell design fly wheel. We also might work on a little side project just for programming skills. Ans also, have you seen number 1 for programming skills? Its Lakeside with 340 points…

@spartanshl Their run was the same as last weekends competition, except with higher accuracy.

So they still have their one wheel flywheel?

And also, how would you know that? Your team wasnt there at the Skills/Driver only tournament.

In Texas (I know this is a much more competitive state) 45 secs. was at the first competition, now if you want to be good in Texas you need to have preloads less than 20 secs. or maybe a little more. I know a few teams (including us) that can do preloads in 10 secs. which I think will be needed to be good at worlds, so you could think of that, that is if you are going to worlds.

@spartanshl As it was a skills only competition, we decided to go watch since we expected a lot of the high scores to be made there. We were right.

If we are talking about worlds, I don’t think under 20 seconds is absolutely necessary in most situations unless it takes forever for you to lift. The most important thing in worlds is going to be to get more points than the other team off the field before the other team. Preloads should then probably be shot off in as much under 30 seconds as possible. Then a lift. fielding is going to be key because every competitive team will be able to shoot preloads in under 30 seconds.

But how accurately can you shoot them?

I just recently built a puncher with a kinda slow .889 sec per ball. But it is very accurate.

We have a 1:1 geared, three motor linear puncher capable of .6 s pershot, .45 for skills. Note we are 241N, not F.

Thanks. Apparently our fire rate was competitive enough as we are going to worlds. But it wasnt even close to the fastest fire rate…765a