No Autodesk 35 Hole Parts!

I just got an old Autodesk DVD from school and put it on my home computer. It is Inventor 2013. I then downloaded the parts from under appendix 9. However there are no 35 hole parts. e.g. 25 hole C-Channel but no 35 hole. The only thing 35 holes is the long linear slides. Is it always like this? Also, do the vex parts off of there have the iMates pre-installed on them? Thanks in advance!

You can find CAD files for 35-hole structure pieces on their respective product pages.

For inventor I just made my own 35 C-Channel by combining a 25 long and a 6 piece that I cut using extrude.

Thank you guys! Do the square holes have iMates or circle sketches on them?