No autopilot program?

When we turn on the brain the only program that is listed is Driver Control. Where is the Autopilot program?


Per the thread below, the Autopilot program is not yet available in Robot Brain firmware version 1.07. Full support for the Autopilot program will be coming very soon.


VEX IQ is a new platform that is undergoing continuous development to ensure the best user experience possible. One of those elements that you got a peek at in the documentation was an Autopilot program, which will be a demonstration of some sensor functionality without requiring any user programming to begin with. This will be implemented soon in a Robot Brain firmware release.

However, there are a number of other default functionalities currently available “out-of-the-box” using sensors and the Driver Control program. These are outlined in the VEX IQ curriculum and on our YouTube channel. You can also use programming software developed by our partners to write your own programs.