"no brain detected" VEXIQ block and VEX os

We are a new team. We are very frustrated because the brain is not detected no matter we uses vex block or vex os. We changed the cable. We tried different computer, MAC and PC. No brain was detected. Could we have a bad brain??? What should we do now??? Thanks

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Have you run VEXos Utility with the brain connected?

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yes, I tried to run VEXos with the brain connected, and it can’t detect the brain.

I find that a little upward pressure on the usb can help… Just a little. Try using a new cord as well.

Any of this help?

What is shown on the brain? What firmware version is on the brain?

I am having this same issue? Did you figure it out?? help!

@robotonfire Did you figure out the issue? We are having the same problem and cannot figure it out!

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